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Chrondel is a life sciences focused company operating in 2 pillar departments : Ventures and Innovation Powerhouse .

Chrondel Ventures is a recently formed department that will enable the company to invest in start-up/small and medium size medical companies, participate to seed funds and support investigator initiated trials. Chrondel Ventures supports independent, unsolicited research relating to disease areas of interest to Chrondel in order to advance research and enhance disease understanding.Trial proposals submitted to Chrondel Ventures are reviewed for scientific merit as well as safety, legal, ethical, and budgetary considerations. Support for approved proposals may be provided in the form of consultancy services only or consultancy with funding as requested in the study design. This program is open to physicians, researchers and institutions interested in conducting their own research.

Chrondel Innovation Powerhouse ( CIP ) is the place where Chrondel develops new products and business models in collaboration with different stakeholders. At CIP, we believe all stakeholders are VIP and we learn how to innovate better by reiterating together.



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